Starry Internet Availability

Known as one of the fastest wireless ISPs, Starry Internet service is available in Boston, Denver, LA, NYC, Washington DC, and Columbus, Ohio.

Unlike other WISPs, Starry is more focused on providing internet service in high-population urban areas rather than rural. They have speeds that easily surpass DSL and can compete with either cable or fiber.

Connection Type: Wireless Internet

Download Speeds: Up To 200 Mbps

Starry has no tiers for their 5G fixed wireless internet service. Basically, if you are in range of their service, your Starry plan will provide you with connection speeds of up to 200 Mbps (both upload and download).

Their plans always offer the following:

Also, right now, they are including a 30-day guarantee plus some free services with their most popular wireless internet plan:

So, if landline and satellite ISPs have let you down and Starry is available in your zip code, then call now to see if Starry Internet is right for you:


Starry Internet Availability

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As already mentioned, Starry Internet is available in:

  • Boston, MA
  • Denver, CO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Washington, DC
  • Columbus, OH

In addition to those 6 metro markets, Starry is available in other areas of those states, plus in Virginia where the state borders with DC.

As a final note, in 2022, the company began the process for their IPO. Up until this point, their expansion into new markets has been at a slow pace. However, after they go public, we may see Starry's wireless footprint start to expand at a much faster rate.

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