Viasat Availability & Speeds

By offering broadband speeds in all 50 states, Viasat is one of the most widely available Internet service providers in America.

Viasat actually offers faster download speeds and higher data caps than their primary satellite Internet competitor, HughesNet. In fact, Viasat has some of the fastest Internet speeds currently available in rural areas.

Connection Type: Satellite Internet

Download Speeds: Up To 100 Mbps

They have four download speed tiers to choose from:

Viasat's lower speed tiers are available in 100% of their service area. Their fastest speeds (above 25 Mbps) are currently available in select areas, which translates to about half of their customers.

All plans have data caps from 40 to 150 GB of bandwidth per month.

It is important to note that Viasat provides unlimited data. The data caps only affect speed. If you exceed the limit, then speeds are restricted.


Viasat Availability & Speeds

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Satellite Internet download speeds are continuing to get faster, and Viasat is one of the companies making that happen.

In early 2022, they will deploy new satellites with improved speeds.

These three ultra-high-capacity satellites, known as ViaSat-3, will provide download speeds in excess of 100 Mbps. This will keep Viasat competitive against other satellite companies and fixed wireless ISPs.

Viasat's commitment to providing the fastest satellite speeds available make them a solid choice for Internet in rural America.

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