Frontier FiberOptic Internet

If you are one of the lucky ones to have access to Frontier's 100% fiber-optic service, you can get some of the fastest Internet speeds available.

Originally, their high-speed fiber plans were called Frontier Fios, but they are currently branded as Frontier FiberOptic Internet. Their Internet service can be bundled with unlimited digital voice and DISH television service.

Connection Type: Fiber Internet

Download Speeds: Up To 940 Mbps

Frontier's speeds are pretty standard for a fiber-based ISP. However, their entry-level plan is slower than average:

The company imposes no data caps on any Frontier FiberOptic Internet plan. Unlimited bandwidth and faster upload speeds are good reasons to choose fiber Internet over a cable connection.

While millions of Americans live within Frontier's fiber-optic service area, you will need to check your exact address to see what deals are available. Call now to explore your Internet options with Frontier:


Frontier FiberOptic Internet Availability

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Although Frontier Communications is operating in 25 states, their fiber footprint is mainly in highly-populated urban areas.

About one third of their customers can get Fiber-To-The-Home.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet is available primarily in California, Texas, and Florida. Expansions of the service have taken place in Connecticut, Indiana, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, and other states.

If their 100% fiber-optic service is not available at your address, then you may still be able to get their DSL/fiber hybrid Frontier Internet.

Although Frontier's ISP reviews are below average, most of that comes from their DSL service. Their fiber connections are actually very good and most customers are quite satisfied with their Internet speeds.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet
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