AT&T Fiber Internet Availability

Offering speeds that compete with the fastest cable Internet, AT&T Fiber is a solid choice for broadband from the largest ISP in America.

Unlike their previous fiber offering, U-verse, AT&T Fiber is 100% fiber-optic. This means that customers can reach gigabit speeds wherever the service is available. It also means fast upload speeds that blow cable away.

Connection Type: Fiber Internet

Download Speeds: Up To 940 Mbps

With AT&T Fiber, you get the same prices and speeds no matter what part of the country you live in. They have only three tiers:

Another big selling point for AT&T Fiber is unlimited data. That's right, no bandwidth data caps. You can connect multiple devices and enjoy unlimited data on your home Internet connection with any of their fiber plans.

AT&T Fiber Availability In 2021

Currently, fiber connections are available in around 30% of their service area. If you live in an area where AT&T is your telco, but fiber isn't available, then you can still get AT&T Internet with speeds up to 100 Mbps.

More expansions are coming, as the company recently announced:

“In 2021, AT&T plans to increase its fiber footprint by an additional 3 million customer locations”

AT&T Fiber is available in over 90 metro locations and surrounding areas. You can check their coverage map directly to see if fiber plans are available in the city you live in, or where an expansion is underway.

Checking AT&T Fiber availability is as simple as a phone call. Contact us to qualify your address for Internet service:


AT&T Fiber Internet Availability

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It takes a long time to build a 100% fiber network. If AT&T Fiber Internet isn't available right now, then it could be some time before that changes.

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