Fiber Internet Providers

In the past, DSL companies and cable companies used different types of landlines to provide a broadband connection to the home. Over the last 20 years, those two distinctly different types of ISPs have been converging into fiber optic Internet providers.

With speeds up to 1 Gbps (which is 1000 Mbps), fiber is usually the first choice for consumers in 2021.

DSL has been considered obsolete for a while now. Most of the big telecom companies avoid even mentioning it.

Instead, all the companies that used to provide DSL have raced to install fiber optics everywhere they could afford to.

Cable companies have done the same. Either they enhance their cable lines with fiber, or they have replaced their lines with 100% fiber.

Fiber Optic Internet Providers List

Fiber has increased the amount of competition for home Internet service. Companies, like Google and Sonic, are able to provider some cities with a third landline option for broadband.


*Speeds shown represent the minimum and maximum advertised download speeds.