Review Of NetZero Internet Service

With cable Internet prices constantly soaring to new heights, luckily there are some cheap DSL Internet providers that offer a more affordable alternative. One of the cheapest of these is NetZero DSL. They have an intro price starting at only $9.95 per month.

DSL Speed At A Dial-Up Price

NetZero is one of the few dial-up Internet providers that survived the broadband explosion of the new millennium. Not only did they survive, but they have adapted. NetZero now offers two forms of broadband Internet service of their own. The first is high speed DSL for the home. The second is their new wireless broadband plans for use on mobile devices.

In order to stay competitive with the major DSL providers, NetZero keeps their prices cheap. You can get NetZero DSL for about the same price you used to pay for dial-up.

NetZero DSL

Saver - $11.95* Per Month - 768 Kbps - Downstream -

Pro - $27.95 Per Month - 3.0 Mbps Downstream -

Ultra - $32.95 Per Month - 6.0 Mbps Downstream -

All NetZero DSL Plans Include:
Free Norton AntiVirus (for PC only)
Free Wireless Modem (with Firewall)
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

*For the intro period, then $17.95 per month.

Other Points To Consider

Before you sign up for NetZero, there are some conditions you should be aware of.

  • Land-line phone service must be active at your residence
  • All plans require a one-time $29.95 processing & handling fee
  • $9.95/mo. intro price only lasts for the first 6-months**
  • Contract required for new customers; usually 12-months**
  • Early termination fees apply during the contract period

**NetZero DSL isn't available everywhere, so you'll need to check your land-line phone number to determine availability. Also, the $9.95/mo. introductory offer, commitment periods, and monthly prices may vary from location to location.

DSL from NetZero does have it's limitations in terms of speed and other restrictions. However, if paying the high price of cable or fiber is just not an option for you, then cheap DSL Internet from NetZero might be exactly the thing you're looking for.