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In recent years, Xfinity improved their cable Internet service by expanding their top download speeds and greatly increasing their data caps.

Xfinity speeds are much faster than DSL, and they are very competitive with fiber optic Internet service. In locations where Xfinity Internet is available, they are usually the fastest option you can choose.

Connection Type: Cable Internet

Download Speeds: Up To 1.2 Gbps

The top speeds we list are those provided by their DOCSIS cable connections, but they have a couple of fiber optic plans that are even faster:

However, those gigabit speeds are available in limited areas, usually in big cities with very dense populations. The vast majority of Xfinity customers will get speeds from 25 Mbps up to the fastest speeds available.

Xfinity Internet Speed Tiers

Besides their two fiber gigabit tiers, Xfinity currently has five cable Internet speed tiers. Most Xfinity customers will choose one of these.

Xfinity has three regions - West, Central and Northeast. Pricing for Internet service is different in each region.

Speeds are the same across those three regions with the exception of the faster plans. In the Xfinity West region, the highest cable tier is up to 600 Mbps and the Gigabit plan has speeds up to 1,000 Mbps.

With service in 39 states plus DC, the deals available to you ultimately depend on your location. Call us to find out what is available:


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Xfinity is testing ways to reach faster speeds. They recently conducted a series of multi-gigabit symmetrical tests with promising results:

“In October 2020, Comcast achieved a 10G technical milestone in a trial delivering symmetrical 1.25 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) upload and download speeds over a live production network.”

For Xfinity customers that have long complained about slow upload speeds, hopefully this mean those will improve in the near future.

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